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May 2014

  • Building Survey on a terraced house in Horwich - revealed major repairs not noted by the valuer for the  purchaser's mortgage lender including split roof timbers, old electric wiring and lack of sub-floor ventilation!
  • Building survey on an individual timber framed house built in 1984 - Bolton
  • Joint instruction under Section 11 Landlord & Tenant Act 1985and Section 4 Defective Premises Act 1972 from solicitors representing the landlord and Citizens Advice representing the tenant to report on alleged disrepair and damp to a terraced house in Bolton - no significant disrepair and the damp was due to condensation as a result of the tenants failing to heat and ventilate the property adequately
  • Valuation on 2 newly completed houses for bridging loan purposes - Wigan
  • Building Survey on a double 17th century stone cottage - Brinscall, Chorley
  • Valuation advice to solicitors in connection with a neighbour dispute over rights of vehicular and pedestrain access - Rossendale
  • Home Buyer Survey on an individual 5 bedroom detached house with 3/4 acre plot, pp £760,000 - Blackburn

April 2014

  • Building Survey on a 4 storey terraced house - Ramsbottom
  • Probate valuation on house and haulage yard - Bolton
  • Valuation on two flats converted from a terraced house for sale to a Housing Association - St Helens
  • Valuation of commercial premises - Eccles
  • Valuation of 3 investment properties for Bank lending purposes - Atherton
  • Valuation of retail unit in Leigh for matrimonial purposes
  • Bank valuation on a building plot with  planning permission for a 6 bdroom detached house - Bolton

March 2014

  • Building survey on former Bank premises coverted to retail and office use - Stockport
  • Building Survey on refurbished shop in Golborne - MAJOR structural problems discovered in the roof void
  • Valuation on commercial premises (Dance School) - Bolton
  • Valuation of factory premises - Lowton

February 2014

  • Retrospective advice, including a valuation, regarding a defective Home Buyer Survey and in connection with an allegation of surveyor negligence - Atherton
  • Valuation advice in connection wita rent review on commercial premises - Manchester
  • Building Survey on a double stone cottage in a Conservation Area - Bolton
  • Joint instruction from solicitors representing the parties in a family dispute - valuation reuired on a subsidence damaged house in Bolton
  • Advice given to the landlord of a tenanted house in Radcliffe in relation to dampness issues
  • Building Survey on an individual 5 bedroom detached house in Bolton - purchase price £650,000

January 2014

  • Building Survey on 6 bedroom mid-Victorian semi detached house with annexe - Bury. 
  • Schedule of Condition on commercial premises - Wilmslow
  • Main Building Structure & Fabric Survey on a Victorian semi- detached house to be converrted to student accommodation - Salford
  • Building Survey on a 3 storey 1850 built 5 bedroom semi detached house - Sale

December 2013

  • "Drive by" valuations on a portfolio of tenanted houses for Bank security purposes
  • Valuation of a parcel of amenity/grazing land - Horwich
  • Retrospective valuation of commercial premises in Bolton town centre for Capital Gains Tax
  • Survey on Edwardian detached house in Worsley including re-visit to check the extent of damp and rotten sub-floor timbers identified during the initial survey
  • Valuation of a portfolio of properties in Manchester for use in Court proceedings 

November 2013

  • Building Survey on a stone farmhouse, outbuildings and land, purchase price £550,00 - Horwich
  • Survey on a converted barn - Chorley
  • Home Buyer Survey report for the purchaser of an individual Edwardian detached bungalow - Bolton
  • Schedule of Condition of office premises - Prestwich
  • Building Survey on a Victorian semi detached house with land and stables - Kearsley

October 2013

  • Joint instructions from solicitors to value 3 properties in Bolton for matrimonial proceedings
  • Survey report on main structure and fabric at a former post office converted to residential use - Leigh
  • Report on defective lintels - Leigh
  • Building Survey on a poorly extended dormer bungalow - Horwich
  • Builing Survey on a 6 bedroom, 3 storey Georgian House (part of a larger former manor house) in Rawtenstall - 7 hours on site!
  • Insurance reinstatement cost calulation on a 500 sq metre Victorian mansion with modern extension (used as offices) - Eccles

September 2013

  • Building Survey on a 17th century former lodge house - Sale
  • Retrospective valuations on 3 new-build houses in Manchester in connection with an allegation of valuer negligence and mortgage fraud
  • Building Survey on an extended 1950s detached with a swimming pool - Lowton. Dampness and timber decay discovered and subsequently investigated by exposure works to reveal damp proof course incorrectly positioned at the time of construction
  • Valuation of commercial premises in Atherton for Pension Fund purposes
  • Valuations on a portfolio of retail units for the Pension Fund of a major local bakery company

August 2013

  • Valuation on commercial premises in Leigh for Pension Fund Trustees
  • Report and valuation on a 3 storey detached house in Tyldesley in connection with an allegation of negligence (defects not reported and valuation excessive) against a surveyor who prepared a Home Buyer Survey in 2011
  • Bank valuation on a pair of tenanted cottages in Belmont purchased for investment purposes
  • Bank mortgage valuations on 3 properties including one valued at over £1.5m - Bolton
  • Building Survey on a house in Preston for purchase by a Charitable trust

July 2013

  • Valuations on a portfolio of properties in Preston - required for Court proceedings under The Proceeds of Crime Act
  • Building Survey on a 17th century converted barn in a moorland position, Rawtenstall 
  • Building Survey on a 3 storey Edwardian semi-detached in Stockton Heath, Warrington - some historic subsidence damage
  • Valuations on a portfolio of properties in Wigan

June 2013

  • Building Survey on a large semi detached house in Eccles. Inspection revealed poor quality extensions and alterations and desktop research post-inspection uncovered risks of flooding
  • Mortgage valuation on anewly renovated and extended former barn in Bolton - £450,000
  • Survey report on a 19th century former shooting lodge, Bolton
  • Building Survey and mortgage valuation on a Grade II listed 17th century farmhouse - Wigan. Purchse price £800,000
  • Valuation on 8 lock up industrial units in Leigh
  • Valuation for mortgage purposes on a former bank converted to offices, Wigan

May 2013

  • Negotiations regarding valuation of an individual detached house in Bolton for matrimonial purposes - valuation arises due to complications in an inter-family lease
  • Valuations for extensions of short leasehold interests on apartments in Rainford
  • Building Survey on a 4 storey Victorian house, Chorlton-cum-Hardy
  • Retrospective valuation on a converted flat in Bolton in relation to an allegation of valuer negligence

April 2013

  • Survey report and mortgage valuation on an individual detached house with an acre of woodland, Wigan. Purchase price £650,000
  • John Brownlow appointed as joint expert on the Order of the Court in a neighbourhood dispute (boundary, drainage and other issues) in Heywood
  • Updating of insurance reinstatement costs on a portfolio of properties owned by a local business
  • Valuation advice to a client wishing to purchase approx 0.75 of garden/amenity land, Astley
  • Valuation report for a client intending to bid for a Grade II listed farmhouse in need of major renovation and offered for sale by tender, Wrightington - valuation £450,000

March 2013

  • John Brownlow assists Clarendon Primary School Year 5 children on a field trip to Rivington to learn about the environment
  • Building survey on a detached bungalow in Blackburn for a Registered Charity
  • Mortgage valuation on a development project in Horwich - detached barn to be converted to a pair of houses - valuations required "before and after"
  • Retrospective "forensic" valuation report complaint with Civil Procedure Rules in connection with an allegation of valuer negligence, property in Rawtenstall
  • Valuation on a portfolio of properties in Bolton and Sale required for Inheritance Tax purposes - portfolio value approx £1.5m
  • Retrospective valuation on 3 flats in a converted Victorian building in Bolton - allegation of valuer negligence
  • Valuation on a block of 15 tenanted flats in Eccles for an investment purchaser - purchase price £820,000
  • Valuation for leasehold extension under the Leasehold Reform Act - Rainford, St Helens

February 2013

  • Building Survey on an individual 1920s detached house requiring refurbishment in Bolton, purchase price £550,000
  • Valuation for matrimonial purposes on large stone house in Bolton
  • Valuation for Bank mortgage on renovated farmhouse with planning permission for further extension and refurbishment works, Bolton - purchase price £450,000
  • Advice on a boundary dispute, Wigan
  • Valuation on commercial premises in Leigh for pension fund purposes
  • Retrospective valuation on a house in Wigan in connectiuon with an allegation of surveyor negligence

January 2013

  • Valuation on factory premises, Leigh
  • Inspection and reporting on defective work at poor qulaity residential conversion project in Manchester
  • Building Survey on detached house, Bowdon, purchase price £500,000
  • Building Survey on former funeral home and chapel of rest, Bolton
  • Schedule of Condition on timber yard and buildings, Walkden
  • Valuation on a canl side cottage with 1 acre of land for matrimonial purposes, Bolton
  • Bank re-mortgage valuation on a farmhouse in North Bolton - valaution £1.6m
  • Bank mortgage valaution on a 5 bedroom detached house in Bolton, purchase price £580,000
  • Survey on a large Victorian house in Preston converted to student living accommodation

December 2012

  • Building Survey and Bank mortgage valuation on a 5 bedroom detached manor house with additional 700 sq m coach house and 16 acres of land - Mawdesley
  • Valuation exercise on Freehold and Leasehold interests created by grant of a 99 year lease on a house worth over £500,000 in Bolton - valuation required for use in Court proceedings
  • Valuation for a private client considering bidding at auction for a 6 bedroom detached stone house with extensive grounds, swimming pool and leisure area in Bolton - guide price £1,000,000
  • Bank valuation on a 5 bedroom detached house in Bolton - purchase price £840,000
  • Simon Miller filmed for BBC TV programme "Homes Under the Hammer"
  • Schedule of Condition on licensed restaurant premises in Longridge, Preston
  • Valuation on a bungalow in Lowton, Warrington for inheritance tax purposes - valuation c £250,000
  • RICS Home Buyer Survey carried out on a "retrospective" basis in order to assist solicitors in a potential claim for negligence aginst the surveyor who inspected the property in advance of purchase in 2007 - property in Middleton
  • Survey on unusual stone built detached house in Huddersfield
  • Valuation on commercial prmises in Leigh town centre
  • Report on severe condensation problems in a bungalow in Leigh
  • Prepatration of Land Registry complaint plans for transfer of title on a property in Leigh

November 2012

  • Mortgage valuation report on car showroom premises, Wigan
  • Building survey on a Victorian former gatekeeper's lodge in Salford - building discovered to be part timber framed
  • Valuation on a portfolio of residential and   commercial properties in Bolton and Accrington for matrimonial proceedings
  • Joint instruction from Landlord and Tenant to prepare a Schedule of Condition on retail and warehouse premises in Bolton town centre
  • Building Survey on dwelling converted from from former public house, Wigan
  • Planned Maintenance Report on Care Home premises, St Helens
  • Building survey on an inter-war semi detached house in Wigan - major repair issues, including water in sub-floor void, not identified by a mortgage valuation inspection

October 2012

  • Main building structure and fabric survey on former British Legion building - Blackrod, Bolton
  • Report on dampness problems in a house at Eccleston, St Helens
  • Commercial mortgage valuation on car sales premises, Wigan
  • Main building structure and fabric survey on a part-derelict Grade II listed 16th century house in Chorley
  • Mortgage valuation report on a farmhouse and land in Wigan
  • RICS Home Buyer Survey on a 5 bedroom detached house in Blackburn - purchase price £400,000

September 2012

  • Pension fund valuations on commercial premises in Tyldesley and Leigh
  • Valuation advice in connection with a disposal of a bungalow adjacent to boatyard premises, Chorley
  • Mortgage valuation on a renovated barn, Woodplumpton, Preston - purchase price £500,000
  • Building Survey on a Victorian house converted to flats - Prestwich

August 2012

  • Schedule of Disrepair in connection with a tenant claim under section 11 Landlord & Tenant Act - Bolton.
  • Valuations on farmhouse and cottage, Newton le Willows, in connection with a contract dispute - valuations around £1.5 million in total.
  • Main building structure & fabric survey, with Bank mortgage valuation, on a modern detached house in Bolton with basement level swimming pool and leisure complex - purchase price £850,000.
  • Mortgage valuation on a farmhouse with outbuildings and 10 acres of land, Wheelton, Chorley - purchase price £500,000.
  • "Bricks and mortar" valuation on a children's nursery being sold as a going concern, Bolton.
  • Mortgage valuations on a portfolio of investment properties, Bolton.
  • Building survey on a farmhouse, Preston.

July 2012

  • Building survey on a renovated farmhouse, Bacup.
  • Valuations on 2 retail properties in Salford in connection with Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings.
  • Valuation on a former public house, Golborne.
  • Edwards Genesis sponsor new kit for Horwich RMI Cricket Club T20 team.

June 2012

  • John Brownlow appointed as Single Joint Expert by Stockport County Court on a valuation of a property portfolio comprising 30 tenanted houses and the matrimonial home (estimated value £400,000+) for matrimonial purposes.
  • Survey on a 17th century converted barn with stables and 2 acres of land, Pendle.
  • Mortgage valuation for The Ecology Building Society on a Methodist Chapel conversion to a dwelling - Chorley.

May 2012

  • Building survey on mews house converted from 17th century barn - Grade 2* listed building - Edgworth, Bolton .
  • Survey on a 6 bedroom farmhouse with outbuildings and land, Chorley - purchase price £700,000.
  • Building Survey on a Victorian house converted into flats, Bolton.

April 2012

  • John Brownlow instructed as expert valuer for a retrospective valuation on a portfolio of 30 houses and flats.
  • Survey on a 6 bedroom Victorian house in Salford.
  • Survey and valuation advice on a detached bungalow in Bolton with ongoing subsidence damage.
  • Mortgage valuation on a "new build" bungalow in Bolton - purchase price £450,000.
  • Building survey on a 6 bedroom farm in Fulwood, Preston - purchase price £500,000.
  • Pension fund valuation on industrial premises, Bury.

March 2012

  • John Brownlow appointed as a valuation expert on a 10 bedroom Grade 2* listed house with subsidence problems in Wigan - value range £500-£750,000.
  • Mortgage valuation of farm and land, Wigan - purchase price £430,000.
  • Simon Miller provides valuation advice to purchaser of a public house on a half acre site with development potential, Leigh.
  • Mortgage valuation on a new-build project in Orrell, Wigan.

February 2012

  • Ray Chan appointed as valuation expert on a retrospective claim for damages on a property with structural problems - Prescot, St Helens.
  • John Brownlow jointly appointed by solicitors to value a block of tenanted flats for Court purposes, Bolton.
  • Valuation and preparation of a plan on a detached bungalow, formerly the Officers' Mess at a military training camp, for Land Registration and Possessory Title purposes - Glazebrook, Warrington.
  • Mortgage valuation on a former farm with land, Horwich, Bolton - £750,000.
  • Private valuation and resale advice on a new build house in Bolton - purchase price £1,000,000.

January 2012

  • Valuation advice to a Bolton-based Methodist Church and the Church Trustees regarding proposed disposal of land for redevelopment.
  • Retrospective valuation advice regarding a house in Leigh sold in 2005, valuation required in connection with a negligence claim against the original conveyancing solicitor.
  • Building survey on a former public house (to be converted to residential use) in Wigan.
  • Survey report on a shop in Widnes for the existing tenant occupier.
  • Valuation on commercial premises in Tyldesley for a Pension Fund.

December 2011

  • Bank remortgage valuation on a house in Bolton subject to a major extension and re-modelling scheme - valuation £1.3 million.
  • Joint valuation instruction on a property in Bolton from 3 firms of solicitors representing clients in a family dispute before Manchester County Court.

November 2011

  • Building survey on a former care home in Horwich, Bolton - very extensive dry rot found in cellar, in ground floor voids and at first floor level.
  • Building survey on a 7 bedroom Grade ll listed building in Carnforth - 6 hours on site.
  • Pension fund valuation on a detached house in Wrightington, Wigan - £500,000.
  • John Brownlow jointly instructed as a valuation expert on 4 properties in Wigan.
  • Pension fund valuation on a former public house purchased for redevelopment, Leigh.

October 2011

  • Building survey and valuation on a rebuilt farmhouse, Blackrod - purchase price £675,000.
  • Schedule of Condition on Congregational Church, Blackpool.
  • Mortgage valuation report on new build house in Parbold, valuation circa £700,000.

September 2011

  • Preliminary advice to Bolton YMCA regarding cracking in their town centre premises caused by corrosion of a structural steel frame.
  • Valuation on a new build property in Bolton for Bank mortgage purposes at a purchase price of £835,000.
  • Probate valuation on a commercial investment portfolio in Leigh.

August 2011

  • Building survey on a  renovated Victorian mansion (purchase price £890,000) in Edgworth, Bolton.
  • Building survey on an 18th century cottage, Bolton.

July 2011

  • Building survey on a 4 bedroom detached house with outbuildings (purchase price £500,000) in Hawkshaw, Bury.
  • Survey report on building structure and fabric - semi-derelict Grade II listed former farmhouse, Wigan.
  • Building survey on an 18th century detached house in Adlington, Chorley.

June 2011

  • Valuation advice on 6 properties for solicitors acting for a client subject to Crown Confiscation Proceedings.
  • Schedule of Condition prepared for the tenant of a shop in Latchford, Warrington.
  • Valuation on a portfolio of 5 properties in Bolton for matrimonial proceedings.

May 2011

  • Valuation on a smallholding/stables in Tyldesley for loan security.
  • Updated valuation and buildings insurance on a £1.3m house in Bolton for an Offshore Trust Fund.
  • Pre-disposal advice on property belonging to a local golf club.

April 2011

  • Retrospective valuation advice on a bungalow in Parbold in connection with an allegation of Valuer negligence
  • Valuation of a former public house in Atherton
  • Report on dampness problems (condensation) in a flat, Manchester

March 2011

  • Building Survey and valuation on a flood damaged commercial building in Astley
  • Schedule of Condition for a prospective tenant on a former Victorian school building in Orrell, Wigan
  • John Brownlow assists Clarendon Primary School Year 5 pupils on an outdoor day in Rvington - basic map reading and observation skills
  • Valuation advice to loss adjusters on a badly fire damaged house in Culcheth
  • Valuation report for a Housing Association on a Leasehold Enfranchisement case

February 2011

  • Maintenance-planning survey on 1930s "Art Deco" house in Chorley
  • Structure and fabric survey on a public house in Wigan
  • Valuation under s36 Charities Act for disposal of a former Manse in Bolton
  • Valuation of a former residential care home in Farnworth for a prospective purchaser considering alternative uses

January 2011

  • Schedule of Condition on industrial and office premises, Little Hulton
  • 10 "Right to Buy" valuations for a Local Authority
  • Expert evidence given in response to a Court Order on a valuation dispute on a detached house in Leigh
  • Simon Miller appointed as expert valuer on behalf of the owner of a farmhouse and land in Glazebury, Warrington subject to a claim for Coal Mining Subsidence damages
  • Negotiations with agents acting for Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive regarding parcels of land in Leigh being compulsorily purchased in connection with the Leigh "Guided Busway" scheme
  • John Brownlow attends Manchester County Court to appear as an Expert Witness for the Claimant in a surveyor negligence case

December 2010

  • Building survey on detached moorland farmhouse, purchase price £750,000

November 2010

  • John Brownlow appointed as independent valuer for a retrospective valuation on a property in Bolton with estimated value of £550,000, valuation required in connection with ongoing litigation.
  • Building survey on a 6 bedroom Victorian house in Leigh, purchase price £370,000

October 2010

  • Schedule of condition on 10,000 sq ft factory & offices, Horwich.
  • Edwards Genesis sponsor 1st Horwich RMI Cricket Club Quiz Night to raise funds for Lancashire U13s Tour to Barbados in April 2011.

September 2010

  • Planned maintenance inspections of a Church and Manse in Carnforth.
  • Joint expert witness instruction to provide valuation evidence on a development in Hindley, Wigan.

August 2010

  • Reinstatement valuations for insurance purposes on a block of flats in Bolton.

 June 2010

  • Portfolio of reinstatement valuations for insurance purposes in Bolton.
  • Building Survey on a 6 bedroom detached house in Bolton, purchase price £1.1m.

May 2010

  • Quinquennial inspection on Salem Congregational Chapel, Clitheroe.

April 2010

  • Schedule of condition on large-scale industrial and office premises in Wigan.
  • Valuation for a Pension Fund Trustee on a house in Bolton with a purchase price of £980,000.
  • Expert witness instruction (valuation) in relation to a contract dispute on the purchase of a £5 million pound mixed commercial and residential building in Southport.
  • Building Survey on a former farmhouse in Leigh.

March 2010

  • John Brownlow takes part in a Geography Field Trip at Rivington with Year 5 pupils from Clarendon Primary School and helps with outdoor skills such as basic map reading.
  • Preliminary advice to Financial Claims Group regarding possible multiple valuation negligence claims in Manchester.

February 2010

  • Joint expert witness instruction for a valuation report on a house with an "on the market" price of £2,000,000.
  • Attendance on site during removal of cavity wall insulation at a house in Bolton sufferring severe dampness - the cavity wall insulation was dry, so NOT the cause of the dampness.
  • Valuation report on 38 new-build affordable housing units in Adlington for Places4People.

January 2010

  • Building survey on a large period detached house in Leigh - purchase price £500,000.
  • Pre-refurbishment advice to a local Golf Club in respect of a Grade II listed cottage.
  • Building survey and valuation on a 4000 sq m industrial building in Bolton for a prospective purchaser.
  • Valuation report on 15 new-build apartments in Wigan for Athena Housing Group.
  • Schedule of Condition on a multi-building factory in Farnworth for a prospective tenant.

December 2009

  • Portfolio valuation for a finance company on properties in Ulverston and Chorley - c £3,000,000.
  • Joint valuation instruction for a property in Atherton converted into flats - value c £400,000
  • Counter-schedule of Dilapidations on office premises, Wigan.

Vito1November 2009

  • New Edwards Genesis "liveried" Mecedes Vito van launched!
  • Report on defective building contract in Bolton for a private client - estimated rectification costs £17,000.
  • Valuation of a period residence with 2 acres of grounds, Chorley - £1,000,000.

October 2009

  • John Brownlow filmed for BBC "Watchdog" programme - defective roofing work, Wigan.
  • Building survey on multi-storey mill premises (2,000 sq.m) in Bolton.

September 2009

  • Valuation in respect of an alleged negligent valuation of a commercial development site, Bolton - c£750,000

August 2009

  • Joint expert witness report on building work in Chorley involving allegations of trespass, noise nuisance and loss of light.
  • Conclusion of protracted negotiations on behalf of clients selling properties to Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, including presentation of valuation evidence to an independent review undertaken by the District Valuer.

May 2009

  • Valuation advice to a local Methodist Church in relation to two sites with residential development potential.

March 2009

  • Building survey on a semi-derelict public house, Darwen.

December 2008

  • Portfolio valuation on almost 40 properties across the North West for a Law of Property Act appointed Receiver.
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